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Formed on February 16, 1813, from Dauphin and Lancaster counties. Named for old Lebanon Township, originally created 1729. Lebanon, county seat, is dated from 1740. Early settlers began the building of a rich agricultural and religious heritage.  (City type: County-Municipal Bldg., 400 S. 8th St., Lebanon.)

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FORT ZELLER (PA 419 [Main St.] Mill Creek Ave., Newmanstown.)
JACOB ALBRIGHT (City type: PA 897 near Main & Shad Sts., Kleninfeltersville.)
GRUBB'S FIRST FORGE (City type: Boyd St. & Gold Rd., Miners' Village, Cornwall.)
CORNWALL BANKS (Boyd St., Cornwall, at now abandoned mine.)
CORNWALL FURNACE (Boyd St. in Cornwall.)
CORNWALL FURNACE (Rexmont Rd. at site in Cornwall.)
CORNWALL FURNACE (US 422 at W end Annville.)
UNION CANAL TUNNEL (At site on SR 4001 [former LR 38025] just W of Lebanon.)
UNION CANAL (US 422, 1 mile W of Myerstown.)
ONE RED ROSE (Plaque: old US 422 between SR 2019 [former LR 38105] & Berks County line.)
JAMES LICK (US 22 near junction PA 343 just S of Fredericksburg.)
UNION CANAL (PA 72, 5 miles NW of Lebanon.)
JOHN WALTER (Old US 22 W of Ono at cemetery.)
REED'S FORT (US 22, 19.2 miles NE of Harrisburg.)
INDIANTOWN (Intersection PA 934 & old US 22, Harper Tavern.)
LINDLEY MURRAY (Intersection PA 934 & old US 22, Harper Tavern.)
LINDLEY MURRAY (US 22, 18 miles NE of Harrisburg, E of junction PA 934.)
INDIANTOWN GAP MILITARY RESERVATION (US 22 S of Fort Indiantown Gap, junction PA 934.)
LINDLEY MURRAY (PA 934, .2 mile N of US 22.)
INDIANTOWN GAP MILITARY RESERVATION (SR 4019 [former LR 38001] 1.3 miles N of US 22 approaching Fort Indiantown Gap.)
SWATARA GAP (SR 1001 [former LR 140] 2 miles N of Lickdale.)
UNION CANAL (SR 1001 [former LR 140] 4 miles NW of Lickdale, just S of junction PA 443.)
SATTAZAHN LUTHERAN CHURCH (At church on Green Point School Rd., N of PA 443 near Murray.)

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