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Formed August 13, 1878 from Luzerne County, it was Pennsylvania's 67th and  last county created. The name is an Indian word meaning "stream that forks."  Scranton, the county seat, was made a city 1Ni. It became She anthracite coal  mining capital of die world.  City type: Courthouse Sq., Spruce St., Scranton.

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CARBONDALE ( On main highways leading into city.)
FIRST AID PIONEER ( Junction US 6 & PA 107, Jermyn.)
ELDER MILLER ( PA 407 at Waverly.)
SCRANTON ( On main highways leading into city.)
LACKAWANNA IRON ( Cedar Ave. near Lackawanna Ave., Scranton.)
FIRST ELECTRIC CARS ( Courthouse Sq., Adams & Spruce Sts., Scranton.)
THOMAS J. FOSTER ( Wyoming Ave. near Ash St., Scranton.)
THE "PIONEER" ( Nay Aug Park, Scranton.)
[MUNSEE INDIAN VILLAGE] ( Plaque: wall near stadium entrance, Providence Rd., west Scranton.)
CAPOOSE ( Providence Rd. & Diamond St., West Scranton.)
FIRST SETTLER ( N. Main Ave., West Scranton. )
TERENCE V. POWDERLY ( N. Main Ave. near Mears St., West Scranton.)
REV. WILLIAM BISHOP ( Main Ave. & Price St., West Scranton.)
KEYSER CREEK ( Main St. (SR 3013), Taylor.)
OLD FORGE ( SR 3013 (former LR 35055), Old Forge.)
JAY GOULD ( SR 2016 (former LR 665), Thornhurst.)
JAY GOULD ( River & Locust Ridge Rds., Thornhurst.)

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