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Formed March 4, 1785 from part of Lancaster County. The name honors the eldest son of the French King Louis XVI. Harrisburg, the county seat, was laid out in 1785 and charted a city in 1860. Since 1812 it has been the State capital of Pennsylvania. (City type: Courthouse, Front & Market Sts., Harrisburg.)

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DERRY CHURCH (PA 743 N of US 422 near church, Hershey.)
DERRY CHURCHYARD (US 422 at E end of Hershey.)
UNION CANAL (Hanover St. just S of Union Deposit & N of PA 39 [Hersheypark Drive].)
UNION CANAL (PA 320 E of Middletown at Swatare Creek.)
"SAINT PETER'S KIERCH" (At church, Spring & High Sts., Middletown.)
CAMP GEORGE GORDON MEADE (PA 441 at Middletown Area School near Turnpike underpass.)
BURD TOMBS (PA 441 just N of Middletown.)
MIDDLETOWN (PA 230 just W of Middletown.)
COL. JAMES BURD (PA 230 in Highspire.)
PAXTON CHURCH (Derry St. near Wilhelm Rd., Paxtang.)
PAXTON CHURCH (At church on Paxtang Ave., Paxtang.)
HARRISBURG On older main highways leading into city.)
HARRISBURG CEMETERY (NE corner, 13th & State Sts., Harrisburg.)
OLD SALEM CHURCH (City type: Chestnut St. between 2nd & 3rd Sts., Harrisburg.)
EXECUTIVE MANSION (City type: at former 111 S. 2nd St., Harrisburg.)
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (City type: S. Market Sq. [E side], Harrisburg.)
MARKET SQUARE City type: S. Market Sq. [E side], Harrisburg.)
EAGLE HOTEL (City type: at former 21 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg.)
OLD COURTHOUSES (City type: Market St. between 2nd & 3rd Sts., Harrisburg.)
T. MORRIS CHESTER City type: Market Sq. near 3rd St., Harrisburg.)
PRESIDENTIAL CONVENTION (City type: 15 S. 4th St., Zion Lutheran Church, Harrisburg.)
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (City type: Walnut St. at Forum Bldg., Harrisburg.)
JOHN HARRIS' GIFT (City type: Capitol Park, 3rd & Walnut Sts., Harrisburg.)
STATE CAPITOL (City type: main entrance Capitol [S of steps], Harrisburg.)
OLD BRICK CAPITOL (City type: main entrance Capitol [N of steps], Harrisburg.)
GRACE METHODIST CHURCH (City type: State St. between 2nd & 3rd Sts., Harrisburg.)
EXECUTIVE MANSION (City type: at Governor's Home, N. 2nd St. near Maclay St., Harrisburg.)
EXECUTIVE MANSION (River Park, Front & Maclay Sts., Harrisburg.)
PAXTANG MANOR (City type: Riverfront Park, Front & Calder Sts., Harrisburg.)
WILLIAM MACLAY (Riverfront Park, Front & South Sts., Harrisburg.)
EXECUTIVE MANSION (Park opposite former 311-313 N. Front St., Harrisburg.)
CAMEL BACK BRIDGE (City type: Riverfont Park, Front & Market Sts., Harrisburg.)
JOHN HARRIS MANSION S. Front St. at mansion in Harrisburg.)
HARRIS' FERRY (Riverfront Park opposite John Harris Mansion, S. Front St., Harrisburg.)
HARRIS' FERRY (Plawue: Riverfront Park opposite John Harris Mansion, S. Front St., Harrisburg.)
PENNSYLVANIA FARM SHOW (Maclay St., front of Farm Show Complex, Harrisburg.)
HARRISBURG STATE HOSPITAL (N. Cameron St. [US 22] beside hospital.)
PAXTON RIFLEMEN (US 22, 5.7 miles NE of Harrisburg.)
UNION CANAL (US 22, 9.3 miles NE of Harrisburg.)
HANOVER CHURCH US 22, 13.4 mile NE of Harrisburg, intersection PA 743.)
HANOVER RESOLVES (US 22, 14 miles NE of Harrisburg, E of junction PA 743.)
FORT MANADA (PA 443 near Manada Gap.)
BARNETT'S FORT PA 39, 1.3 miles E of Linglestown.)
PATTON'S FORT PA 39, 1.4 miles W of Linglestown.)
FORT HUNTER (N. Front St. [old US 22 & 322] .5 mile N of Rockville Bridge at entrance to county part.)
FORT HUNTER (Paque: N. Front St., [W side] opposite Fort Hunter Rd. N of Rockville.)
COL. TIMOTHY GREEN PA 225, .2 mile N of Dauphin.)
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL [EASTERN DIVISION] (US 22 & 322 just S of Clarks Ferry Bridge.)
FORT HALIFAX (PA 147, .5 mile N of Halifax.)
FORT HALIFAX (Plaque: PA 147 [W side] .5 mile N of Halifax.)
MILLERSBURG FERRY (PA 147 at Market & North Sts., Millersburg.)

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