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Formed January 27, 1750 from Lancaster County.  Named for Cumberland County in England, it originally extended to Pennsylvania's western limits.  Carlisle, county seat, was founded 1751.   Crossed by major roads, county had a key role in westward migration.  (Old Courthouse, High & Hanover Sts., Carlisle.)

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HARRISBURG (Front St., Wormleysburg, N of Walnut St. Bridge.)
FORT COUCH (8th & Market Sts., Lemoyne.)
FORT COUCH (8th & Ohio Ave., Lemoyne.)
DANIEL DRAWBAUGH (SR 2033 [former LR 21023] at Eberlys Mill, 1mile W of New Cumberland.)
CUMBERLAND RIFLEMEN (At park, Market St. between 24th & 25th Sts., Camp Hill.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (At 3025 Market St., Camp Hill.)
PEACE CHURCH (PA 641 [Trindle Rd.] at St. John's Rd. W of Camp Hill.)
PEACE CHURCH (Carlisle Pike [SR1010] at St. John's Rd., 1.2 miles W of Camp Hill.)  
SILVER SPRING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (SR 1011[former LR 21051] S of US 11 at church.)
IRVING FEMALE COLLEGE (E. Main St. [PA 641] near Filbert St., Mechanicsburg.)
UNION CHURCH (E. Main St., [PA 641] at church, Mechanicsburg.)
SIMPSON FERRY ROAD (Simpson St. near Walnut St., Mechanicsburg.)
WILLIAMS GROVE (SR 2011 [former LR 21027] .5 mile S of Williams Grove.)
CARLISLE IRON WORKS (PA 174 just E of Boiling Springs.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (PA 74 just E of Carlisle near Interstate 81.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (PA 34, .3 mile S of Carlisle near Interstate 81.)
GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN (SR 3023 [former LR 35] .5 mile SW of Carlisle near Interstate 81.)
CARLISLE (On main highways leading into town.)
DICKINSON SCHOOL OF LAW (S. College St. at Law School, Carlisle.)
GEORGE WASHINGTON (W. High St. at Denny Hall, Carlisle.)
DICKINSON COLLEGE (W. High St. at campus in Carlisle.)
THOMAS BUTLER (W. High St. between West & Pitt Sts., Carlisle.)
JAMES WILSON (SW corner, High & Pitt Sts., Carlisle.)
CARLISLE FORT (W. High St. between Pitt & Hanover Sts., Carlisle.)
"MOLLY PITCHER" (S. Hanover St. Between Walnut & South Sts., Carlisle.)
MAJOR ANDRE' (S. Hanover St. between South & Pomfret Sts., Carlisle.)
GREEN TREE INN (S. Hanover St. between Pomfret & High Sts., Carlisle.)
BLAINE HOUSE (S. Hanover St. between Pomfret & High Sts., Carlisle.)
FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (NW corner, High & Hanover Sts., Carlisle.)
EPISCOPAL SQUARE (NE corner, High & Hanover Sts., Carlisle.)
JOHN BANNISTER GIBSON (E. High St. between Hanover & Bedford Sts., Carlisle.)
GEN. JOHN ARMSTRONG (NE corner, High & Bedford Sts. in Carlisle.)
GEN. WILLIAM IRVINE (SE corner, High & Bedford Sts. in Carlisle.)
THOMPSON'S RIFLE BATTALION (E. South St. at Old Graveyard [where Thompson is buried], Carlisle.)
ST. PATRICK'S CHURCH (140 E. Pomfret St. at church, Carlisle.)
CARLISLE BARRACKS (US 11 opposite War College, NE end Carlisle.)
[FARTHEST NORTH OF CONFEDERATES] (PA 34 [E side] 1 mile N of Carlisle Springs.)
FORBES ROAD [RAYSTOWN PATH] (US 11 just SW of Carlisle.)
JOSEPH RITNER (US 11, 6 miles SW of Carlisle.)
LAUGHLIN MILL (PA 641 at E end of Newville.)
STATE POLICE SCHOOL ( Walnut St. near Big Spring Ave., Newville.)
BIG SPRING PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (S. Corporation St. at church, Newville.)
FORBES ROAD [RAYSTOWN PATH] (US 11, 1 mile NE of Shippensburg.)
SHIPPENSBURG (US 11 at E end of Shippensburg.)
SHIPPENSBURG (Plaque: wall, King & Prince Sts., Shippensburg.)
OLD COURT HOUSE (US 11 [E. King St.] at Queen St., Shippensburg.)
FORT MORRIS (US 11 [King St.] at Queen St., Shippensburg.)
FORT MORRIS (Plaque: N side W. King St.[US 11] between Spring & Morris Sts., Shippensburg.)
BRADDOCK EXPEDITION (US 11 [W. King St.], Shippensburg.)
ONE-ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE (PA 696 at Shippensburg University.)
MIDDLE SPRING CHURCH (SR 4001 [old PA 696] 2.6 miles N of Shippensburg.)
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