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 Formed March 26, 1804 out of Huntingdon and Lycoming counties. Clear fields,  Sound by early travelers, gave rise to the name. County was important for  logging and rafting on the West Branch, 1850-1901 The county seat, Clearfield,  was incorporated 1840.  City type: County Historical Museum, E. Pine & Front Sts., Clearfield.

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KARTHAUS FURNACE ( PA 879 in Karthaus.)
CHINKLACAMOOSE ( US 322 E end & PA 879 W end, Clearfield.)
THE BIG SPRING ( PA 410, .5 mile SW of Luthersburg.)
OLD STATE ROAD (MILESBURG TO WATERFORD) ( US 322, 6 miles NW of Luthersburg.)
GEORGE ROSENKRANS  ( City type: PA 255 at Methodist Church, Penlield.)
PHILIP P. BLISS ( PA 255, 2.2 miles NE of Penfield.)

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