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Formed march 13, 1843 from Northampton and Monroe counties. Carbon is the basic element of this area's rich deposits of anthracite coal. The county seat, incorporated in 1850 as Mauch Chunk, was renamed in 1954 for Jim Thorpe, Indian athlete. (City type: County Courthouse, Broadway & Susquehanna Sts., Jim Thorpe.)

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WALKING PURCHASE (US 209, 1.5 miles E of Weissport.)
FORT ALLEN (US 209 at Weissport.)
FORT ALLEN WELL (City type: park opposite 112-116 Franklin St., Weissport.)
GNADENHUETTEN (PA 443 near junction SR 3002 [former LR 13002] at S end Lehighton.)
PHILIP GINTER (City type: Ludlow Park in Summit Hill.)
SWITCHBACK RAILROAD (SR 3012 [former LR 13033] 3 miles SW of Jim Thorpe.)
PACKER MANSION (US 209 at park near railroad station, Jim Thorpe.)
WALKING PURCHASE (PA 903, 2 miles NE of Jim Thorpe.)
WALKING PURCHASE (Accompanies marker immediately above.)

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