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One of Pennsylvania's three original counties, Formed 1682 by William Penn and site of his home, Pennsbury Manor. Name is derived from abbreviation for Buckinghamshire in England. Doylstown, chosen as county seat in 1812, was incorporated 1838. (City type: Courthouse, E. Court St., Doylestown.)

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HEADQUARTERS FARM (Old York Rd. [old PA 263] N of Hartsville).
JOHN FITCH'S STEAMBOAT (Junction PA 132 & 263 in Warminster).
PLAYWICKY INDIAN TOWN, 1682 ([Plaque: PA 213, .5 mile from Neshaminy Creek & 2.5 miles W of Langhorne).
BRISTOL (Main highways leading into town).
ABRAHAM LINCOLN (Near intersection Bristol Pike & Pond St., Bristol).
PENNSBURY MANOR (SR 2055 [old US 13], Tullytown, near junction SR 2059).
PENNSBURY (At site, E of Tullytown).
PENNSBURY MANOR (SR 2020 [Tyburn Rd] S of Fallsington; SR 2059 [New Ford Rd.] at SR 2020).
HISTORIC FALLSINGTON (Business US 1 at SR 2020 [Tyburn Rd.]; SR 2020 at SR 2006 [New Falls Rd.]).
SUMMERSEAT (At site, Legion Ave. near Hillcrest Ave., Morrisville).
DURHAM ROAD MILESTONE (PA 413, 1 mile S of Newtown).
WALKING PURCHASE (PA 413 at Wrightsown).
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (PA 532 W of Washington Crossing).
WASHINGTON CROSSING (PA 532 at Washington Crossing).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 32, 2.3 miles N of Washington Crossing at Jericho Creek).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 32, just S of PA 232 at New Hope).
SAMUEL D. INGHAM (US 202, 1.5 miles W of New Hope).
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (PA 32, 3.5 miles N of New Hope).
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (PA 32 at Lumberville).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 32 at Lumberville).
TREASURE ISLAND RESERVATION (PA 32, 3.5 miles N of Point Pleasant).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 32 at Tinicum).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 32 at Uhlerstown [Uhlertown]).
PENNSYLVANIA CANAL (PA 611 at Durham Furnace).
DELAWARE CANAL (PA 611 at Durham Furnace).
DURHAM FURNACE (PA 212 at Durham).
WALKING PURCHASE (PA 212 & 412, .6 mile S of Springtown).
GALLOWS HILL (Plaque: intersection PA 412 & SR 4075 [Gallows Hill Rd.], Stony Point).
RCHASE (PA 611, .5 mile N of Ottsville).
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