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Formed March 11, 1752 from parts of Chester, Lancaster and Philadelphia counties. Named for Berkshire in England. County seat of Reading was made a borough in 1783, a city of 1847. The county's early ironworks gave rise to Pennsylvania's iron industry. (City type: Courthouse, N. 6th & Court Sts., Reading.)

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HOPEWELL VILLAGE (PA 10 S of Lowville.)
SWEDISH PIONEERS (PA 724, 5 miles SE of Birdsboro.)
ANTONYM SADOWSKI (US 422 eastbound near graveyard, Douglassville.)
DANIEL BOONE [1734-1820] (Plaque US 422, 2 miles SE of Baumstown.)
DANIEL BOONE HOMESTEAD (SR 2041 [former LR 06107] N of Baumstown at site. Erected 1948.)
WILLIAM PENN'S FARTHEST NORTH (Plaque: US 422, .8 mile SE of Baumstown.)
DANIEL BOONE (US 422 westbound at SR 2041 just E of Baumstown; US 422 eastbound at Baumstown Union Sunday School.)
HOPEWELL VILLAGE (US 422 east & westbound at PA 82, Baumstown.)
LINCOLN HOMESTEAD (US 422 at twp. road [former LR 06185] E of Mount Penn.)
READING (On main highways leading into city.)
HESSIAN CAMP (Mineral Spring Rd. [Business US 422 westbound] at 18th St., Reading.)
DURYEA DRIVE (Intersection Clymer & 13th Sts. at Park Dr., Reading.)
PENN'S COMMON (City type: Perkiomen Ave. [Business US 422 westbound] at 11th & Penn Sts., Reading.)
THOMPSON'S RIFLE BATTALION: CAPT. GEORGE NAGEL'S COMPANY (Historical society, 940 Centre Ave. [PA 61], Reading.)
SKEW BRIDGE (City type: N. 6th St. at railroad bridge, Reading.)
HUNTER LIGGETT (City type: 145 S. 6th St., Reading.)
DR. JONATHAN POTTS (City type: 545 Penn St., Penn Sq., Reading.)
DR. BODO OTTO (City type: 525 Penn St., Penn Sq., Reading.)
CONRAD WEISER TRADING POST (City type: 505 Penn St., Penn Sq., Reading.)
WILLIAM STRONG (City type: NW corner, 5th & Court Sts. just N of Penn St., Reading.)
FEDERAL INN (City type: 445 Penn St., Penn Sq., Reading.)
HIESTER HOME (City type: 439 Penn St., Penn Sq., Reading.)
HENRY A. MUHLENBERG (City type: 400 Penn St., Reading.)
UNION CANAL (Junction PA 10 & 724, 2 miles S of Reading.)
THOMAS MIFFLIN (US 222 [E. Lancaster Ave.] at Mifflin Blvd., Shillington.)
ROBESONIA FURNACE (US 422 [Penn Ave.] at Freeman St., Robesonia.)
CONRAD WEISER (US 422, Weiser Homestead E of Womelsdorf.)
TULPEHOCKEN PATH (US 422, Conrad Weiser Homestead E of Womelsdorf.)
CHARMING FORGE (US 422, Womelsdorf.)
JOHN A. SHULZE (US 422 outside Stouchsburg.)
PILGER RUH (PA 501, 4 miles N of Bethel.)
FORT HENRY (PA 501, 2 miles N of Bethel.)
TULPEHOCKEN PATH (PA 501, 1 mile N of Bethel just N of 178/US 22.)
NORTHKILL AMISH (Old US 22, 1 mile W of Shartlesville.)
CHRIST LITTLE TULPEHOCKEN CHURCH (SR 4010 [former LR 06020] W of Bernville.)
UNION CANAL (PA 183, .9 mile SE of Bernville.)
JOSEPH HIESTER (PA 183 at SR 3051 & 3053 [former LR 06039] near Leinbachs.)
UNION CANAL (Upper Van Reed Rd. near Tulpehocken Creek, ca. 1 mile S of Leinbachs.)
DE TURK HOUSE (Junction PA 73 & 662 just S of Oley.)
OLEY MORAVIANS (PA 662, 1 mile S of Oley.)
DE BENNEVILLE HOUSE (PA 662, 1.5 miles N of Yellow House.)
FISHER HOUSE (PA 662, 1.4 miles N of Yellow House.)
EXETER FRIENDS MEETING (Meetinghouse Road, .5 mile S of PA 562 & 2 miles W of Yellow House.)
THOMAS RUTTER (City type: Pine Forge Academy off SR 2063 [former LR 06102], Pine Forge.)
COLEBROOKDALE FURNACE (PA 562 near SR 2040 [former LR 284] SW of Boyertown.)
CARL A. SPAATZ (PA 562 [S. Reading Ave.] at W. 2nd St., Boyertown.)
GOSHENHOPPEN (PA 100 [7th & Main Sts.], Bally.)
HEREFORD FURNACE (PA 29 & 100 at junction SR 1010 [former LR 06119], Hereford.)

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